elements™ Connect & Apex Connect
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elements Connect
Cordless Endodontic Motor
Comes with two removable batteries for reliable power to complete procedures safely and without interruption.
Designed with 14 memory slots; 9 Kerr preset file settings, 1 recipricating setting and 4 customizable settings.
With Adaptive, Reciprocation and Rotary motions in one motor, elements Connect allows offices to maintain their existing techniques and protocols.
Easily move between operatories with this interconnected system; lightweight, ergonomic and cordless design.
Apex Connect
Electronic Apex Locator
Smart light and audible indicators for real-time working length information.
Modern design/ Intuitive use.
Apex Connect’s self-calibration feature activates every time the device is turned on.
63mm full-color display/ Clear 45” viewing angle.
Patient Safety First
Featuring an intuitive full-color display and smart light indicator in the file clip, Apex Connect works with elements Connect to give you clear feedback. Receive real-time working length information, with audible indicators for an extra level of confidence.
*May be used independently or a connected system

“Motor handpiece is lightweight, full of customizable features and its use is simple and intuitive. Working length indicator lights integrated into the apex locator probes and motor button greatly simplify procedures”

Dr. Prof. Eugenio Tosco

 “Outstanding to have rotary, adaptive and reciprocating motion in one cordless light weight motor with ergonomic design. The linkage with Apex Connect for real time working length is easy to set and works very predictable thanks to adjustable safety features.”

Dr. Roman Blahuta

“I was positively impressed with the lightness of the handpiece. The integration with the apex locator works well and the light warnings on the locator are very useful”

Dr. Valter Fernandes
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